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Actuellement, le FAQ est uniquement disponible en Luxembourgeois et Anglais.

1. General


1.1 What is Scouting?


Scouting is a Youth movement, organized by young and dedicated people, for young people. The movement was first created in 1907 in England by Lord Baden Powell. In Luxembourg, scouting is split into the FNEL (fédération des éclaireurs et éclaireuses du Luxembourg) and the LGS ( Lëtzebuerger Guiden & Scouten). Our Group belongs to the FNEL. 


The mission of the Scout movement is to contribute, with the help of our values, to the education of the youngsters by offering them a constructive role in our society, and thus helping to create a better world. This works with the help of the scout-promise.


1.2 Who takes care of the children ?


The active chiefs of the various branches are 15 to 21 years old. They were scouts themselves and organize every activity in their free time besides school and other tasks. 


The leaders are all doing a training program provided by the FNEL that helps them gain some experience and acquire the necessary knowledge to be able to lead the group and ensure the safety of the children under their responsibility. 


In addition to the branch leaders, we have Group leaders as well as our committee of ancient Leanders and Parents (which you can gladly join) 

The whole organisation of the group and the scouting movement is voluntary. 


Follow this link to get to know this year’s leaders.


1.3 What is the FNEL?


FNEL (Fédération Nationale des Eclaireurs et Eclaireuses du Luxembourg) has been established in 1914. It was the 1922st founding member of  the WOSM (World organization of the scout movement), which promotes scoutism Worldwide among 57 million people. 


D’FNEL is the founding member of Scouting in Luxembourg (SIL), And S.A.R. de Grand-Duc héritier Guillaume is „Chef Scout“ of Luxembourg. (Source :


1.4 Are you paid?


No. The commitment to the scouts is 100% voluntary. The leaders are doing their best to organize the meetings besides their school work etc.  


1.5 Do I have to register my child every year? 


No, you don’t have to do the subscription yearly, once your child is part of the group, it will be as long as you are interested in our Group. 

If anything in the medical file changes, please let us know. 


1.6 What is the Scouting law? 


  1. A scout keeps his word

  2. A scout is honest and fair

  3. A scout has manners

  4. A scout respects everyone

  5. A scout leaves no one behind

  6. A scout stands up for the environment and nature

  7. A scout makes the best out of everything

  8. A scout makes a good thing every day

  9. A scout respects what belongs to others 

  10. Scouts stay together

1.7 What is the scout promise? 


The Scout promise is the moment the new scout gets their scarf. 


It is an event that can take place over a day or a even a weekend. It is an important event in the life of a Scout by which the latter will really become part of the group. 

the leaders will say the promise and the new Scouts will repeat the words. After that, they will receive their scarf. 

  • Beavers: I want to be a good Beaver, to share and always be diligent

  • Cubs: I promise to do my best to be a good cub and to do good things every day


  • Scouts and Explorers: I promise to do my best, to fulfil my obligations towards the society and myself, to respect our principles of scouting and to try, with your help, to create a better world. 


1.8 Where can I buy my Uniform, and where do I put the badges? 


You can buy your uniform at the Scout Shop of the FNEL. 


Here you can see an Example for the Uniform for the Scout branch.


1.9 How and when do I get my scout scarf?


You will get your Scarf as soon as you make your promise. This, for the Beaver and the Cubs, will be organized once in the middle of the school year, but also during a Camp, so make sure you don’t miss a camp . For the older Branches the Promise takes generally place during a Camp. 


In case you already made your promise and lost your scarf, you can buy it in the Scout shop for 15€. To make sure you always find your scarf, put your name on it or decorate it with a distinguishable gadget (like a pin). 


1.10 What are the opening hours of the FNEL shop?


  • Fetschenhaff (61A rue de Trèves, Zents ): every Thursday from 17-19h op. except during holidays

  • Online shop:


1.11 I want to buy an aigles-pullover, what are the opening hours of the Aigles-shop?


2. Beaver


2.1 When can my child join your group, and what are beavers?


The beavers are our youngest branch in the FNEL. Their motto is “sharing, sharing, sharing”. 


Make sure you do not confuse activities for “beavers” with the activities for “scouts” which is the name of the branch for kids aged 10-13 years as well as the general name of scouting, when subscribing your child for a reunion. You will always have to look for the “Beaver” program. 


We accept children for the reunions as soon as they are 6 years old. 


What are the names of the leaders, why are they not called by their normal name? 


The names of the leaders stem from the Beaver story, where Jolly and Bibu, 2 little beavers leave their home to go on an adventure in the nature, where they get to know other people and animals. 


2.2 Who are the leaders of the beaver group?


Click here.


3. Cubs


3.1 What are Cubs (Louveteaux/Wëllefcher)?


The cubs are the kids aged 8 to 10. Their motto is “we do our best” and they function according to the Jungle book, meaning they are a wolves’ pack. That pack is only as strong as the smallest member, so they have to learn to support each other and live together. 


The methods and laws are based on the story of Mowgli who lived among the wolves and learned everything he knew from them. The cub promises to do good every day and to always give it all. The main leader of the pack is “Akela”. They learn to respect each other and start building a team spirit. 


3.2 What is a Sizaine, a Sixer and a Second? 


The kids will learn teamwork with the help of the “Sizaines”. The Sizaine finds its origins in the French language and means a group of 6 to 8 kids.  These Sizaines are created in the beginning of the year and stay the same for that entire school year. Each Sizaine consists of the Sixer, who is the oldest cub and can already take some responsibilities, the Second, who is a little younger than the Sixer, and who can take over in case he’s not in the reunion, and the members. Their name is a Colour and they have a chant (in Luxembourgish)for example: The Green – are not mean. During the Year, the Sizaine helps the kids to make new friends, to be Teammates and to experience new things together. 


The Sixers role is important in the way that he can already take some responsibility, for example when doing chores, he can already navigate the group. 


3.3 Why are the leaders called after characters of the jungle book?


As said, the cubs are constructed around the story of the jungle book, that’s where the names of their leaders come from. It’s a tradition, and the cubs keep calling their old leaders in the imaginary name, even after they became scouts. 


3.4 What is the “montée” and when can my child become scout?


Every cub that turned 11 before the date of the “montée” switches branches in our group. Just like Mowgli left the wolves’ pack when he grew up, the kids will become scouts with the montée. The event takes place on a weekend in the beginning of the school year (normally the first weekend in October) and the older cubs will figuratively make their way from cubs to scouts. Up until the “montée weekend”, the cubs stay cubs, they will only participate in the scout reunions after the montée. During the Weekend, the scouts will organize some games and challenges on a route in the woods that the cubs have to walk through during the night. Those games and challenges help the cub to get to know their new Friends and the Scout branch. 


3.5 My child could already do the montée but wants to stay with its friends, is that possible? (and vice versa)


Yes that’s no problem, we always try to keep friend groups together.


3.6 Who are the scout leaders? 

Click here.

4. Scouts / Explorers


4.1 When is my child “scout” or “explorer”? 

  • Scouts:* 11-13 Years old. 

  • Explorer: 14-16 Years old. 


*Concerning the information about reunions: do not confuse being a scout in general and being part of the scout branch. When we announce activities for “scouts”, we mean the scout branch and not every branch, so be sure to subscribe your child for the activities offered by the branch it is part of. 


4.2 What and when is our Camp in the Summer?


The Summer camp is exclusively for Scouts (11-13); Explorers (14-16); Rover (16-21) and Aquila (21+). During the first 2 weeks of summer vacation, our group organizes a Camp in an other Country. It’s an amazing opportunity to get to know the older generations, to experience a holiday with good friends, to see new cities and have a lot of fun. We’ve been to the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Belgium, Austria, Hungary, Sweden and many other places, so be sure not to miss out on that experience. 

5. Activities


5.1 How does a meeting (Réunion) work? 


We meet every Saturday from 14-16h in our Scout-home (31, montée des Tilleuls, Rollingergrund) for the reunions. Please drop off your children at the “logopédie parking” to avoid unnecessary traffic near our scout-home (4 Place Thomas Edison, 1483 Strassen, Luxemburg). The leaders will wait there and accompany the children to our home. 


The program will be send to you at the beginning of the trimester and can be found at our google calendar. 


The reunions are mainly held outside so dress your kids accordingly. Keep in mind that the clothes can get dirty, so avoid new, very expensive or white clothes.   


5.2 What languages are spoken?


The reunions are held in Luxembourgish. The leaders can speak German, French and English and can thus translate if necessary. 


5.3 What is a Sortie?


Sometimes, instead of a reunion, we organize “Sorties” which are minimum 6 hours long and often include picnic. You will be informed in advance in case of a sortie. 


5.4 When are Camps?


We have 4 Camps and minimum 1 Weekend during our School year. The dates ar always published in September.


Camps are held during the Luxembourgish school holidays: 

  • Montée: first weekend in October (for all the kids)

  • Christmas & Easter camp (for all the Kids) 

    • 2-3 Nights 

  • Whitsun(for all the kids)

    • 4 Nights

  • Summercamp: 

    • 2 first Week of the Luxembourgish summer holiday

    • abroad

    • SC, EX, RO,AQ 


Beavers always sleep inside and on beds. They'll only need a sleeping bag for the night. 


Cubs always sleep inside. However it is possible that there are not enough beds, so they sometimes need a mattress for campers in addition to the sleeping bag (it will be mentioned in the invitation). 

Scouts and Explorers: They normally sleep inside during the winter (sometimes in tents in October). They always sleep in tents on the pentecost camp and the summer camp. for the Easter camp it depends on the space and the weather. So they'll need a good warm sleeping bag and a mattress for camping. 

5.5 Can I get my child a little earlier/later from the activity?


We really want to avoid that kids are leaving the activity earlier/later than planned, for organizational purposes. If it is necessary, we can always make an exception. We hope you understand & respect the time-slots of the activity


5.6 I made the payment for the activity, but did not send the subscription form, can my child still join the activity? 


No, we need your subscription form for organizational as well as insurance purposes. We can’t make any exceptions here. 


5.7 My kid has to take medications, can I give them to someone? 


Yes! When dropping off your child, you should give the medication to one of the leaders, preferably with a note explaining the administration of said medication. 


5.8 My child is not used to sleeping elsewhere, can it still join the Camp without sleeping there?


No, this is unfortunately not possible. If we allow one child to go home at night, the others will ask de same thing, which defies the purpose of the camp, we hope you can understand this. 


5.9 Can I participate on the reunions as a parent? 


No, the reunions are strictly organized for children. Having a parent in sight can often disturb the other children and defeats the purpose of getting to know new children, and learning to be more independent. 


5.10 How do I register my children?


You’ll find all the necessary documents on here. We need the duly completed “fiche médicale” and the “fiche d’inscription". 


You can fill them out and either give it to a leader during the next reunion, or better, send them to us via mail at


5.11 What is the yearly membership fee?


It costs 35€ per year, per child. Camps and sorties have separate participation fees.


5.12 Can my child play with its phone during the reunion?


No, we try to be phone-free during scout activities. They can have the phone during their free time as long as it does not bother the other children. If the leaders notice that the use of the phone is too important and the child does not listen when the leader says no to phones, they can confiscate the phone for a short period to avoid bothering other children. Keep in mind that the phone can always be lost, broken or stolen at Camp, and we do not take responsibility for such events. 


5.13 My child has a friend in your Group and wants to join, but they are not born in the same year, will they still be in the same branch ?


Yes, we always consider the age of the children on the first day of the School year. Example : if Billy has 8 Years at the beginning of the school year, he’d be a « Wëllefchen » (Cub). We also always pay attention not to divide groups of friends, so it is possible that some children make their montée a little earlier or later than they were supposed to. If your child is in this case, please contact us, so we can make sure that it stays with their friends. 


6. Emails


6.1 I want to subscribe my child for Saturday’s reunion but did not get an email yet. 


Emails to register for the reunions are send on Wednesday. We have a lot of recipients on our mailing system, so our mails often land in the junk folder, be sure to check it regularly. Since we are all still in school and at university, we sometimes have delays, so it can be that the email is only sent on Thursday, which we try to avoid. 


Avoid providing us your work email address, because they are often suited with a filter system that does not let our mails come through. 


6.2 I have send an email a few days ago, but have not yet received an answer. 


We are very sorry if that happened to you. We try to answer the email as fast as possible, but since we are all still in school and at university, responding can sometimes take a few days.


7. Camp


7.1 What bag to use for Camps?


This is an example of how a scouting bag should look like. Please don’t bring a suitcase! This bag allows to store your sleeping bag and it’s suited for walking.

  • For BV & LX:  +/- 35+10 Litre 

  • For Scouts & Explorer:  55+10 Litre, because we have the summer camp of 2 weeks. 

Please note : If you take a duffle bag (or similar) with you to the summer camp, please bring a small scouting bag suited for the hike. 



7.2 What do I need to bring for my child to eat, can’t it just use the plates in the home you go to?


Here you can see an example of a mess tin plate. You need it because there are often no plates in the Scout homes we go to.


7.3 My child lost/forgot something after the camp, where can I get it from? 


After every Camp, we organize a “Schwaarz tuut”, in which we show all the items that have been left behind on the camp. When you’ll get your child, you can see if any objects/clothes belong to them and can take it home. If you missed the “schwarz tuut”, you can always come check in our Scouts-home, where we store the items for a while. 


To avoid all this, please write the name of your children in every clothing item. 

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